October 25, 2011
Megan Charland
Liminal Camera in ROC


November 2011
The 9/11 Arts Project
Historic Photo Shoot by Metabolic Studio’s Optics Team


November 2, 2011
Art DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities (202)


November 10, 2011
The Pink Line Project
Metabolic Studio’s HUGE Liminal Camera By Lisa Ager


November 11, 2011
Mother Jones
A Huge Flag and a Giant Camera for Veterans Day 2011 By Asawin Suebsaeng


September 14, 2012
Facing Change Documenting America


Issue 9 2012
Conversation with Lauren Bon by Liz Kabler


February 20, 2013
City Newspaper
Art Review: “Silver and Water” By Rebecca Rafferty


March 1, 2013
KCET: Artbound
AgH2O: Silver, Water, and Pinhole Camera in a Silo By Lauren Bon


March 4, 2013
KCET: Artbound
Vote Head-to-Head: Lauren Bon’s AgH2O vs. Downtown Tijuana Art Galleries


March 28, 2013
George Eastman House blog
Riding Around in A Camera By Megan Charland


March/April 2013
Photograph Journal


April 2, 2013
KCET: Artbound
Liminal Elements: A Shipping Container Becomes a Camera Obscura By Alison Nordström


April 26, 2013
Turning the gallery into a darkroom


April 2013
AfterImage Volume 40, No. 6
Exhibition Review Landscapes of Industry By Kirby James Pilcher


August 2, 2013
Nevada Museum of Art
Lauren Bon AG/H2O